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Our story

Buddhafield East was originally Lokabandhu’s idea! It was he in 2002 who originally suggested there be ‘regional’ Buddhafield’s around the country “because Buddhafield is so good and can’t be all places at one time”. 

Buddhafield East is an opportunity to practice out of doors under the sky just like the Buddha did!

Most people who are involved with Buddhafield East come from or are associated with Colchester, Ipswich, Windhorse Trading, Norwich, Padmaloka and outlying sangha’s of East Anglia and London Boroughs. They are Triratna Order Member’s, Mitra’s or just friends  who don’t necessarily consider themselves Buddhists but enjoy what we create together.

Buddhafield East community’s intention is to create a positive, inclusive & radical sphere of influence from our events and in this way help to transform oneself and society.

Our events are inclusive and  family-friendly to ensure everyone can fully participate

We all volunteer and take inspiration from the original Buddhafield spirit of running Triratna events outdoors in the elements …moving about in the village as the bee goes taking honey from the flower without harming colour or fragrance…– communicating the words and spirit of the Buddha as primarily expressed through Sangharakshita and his disciples.

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