Buddhafield East is a collective of Buddhists involved with the Triratna Buddhist Community: some of us are members of the Triratna Buddhist Order. We live in the eastof England and run a programme of camping activities in East Anglia, focused around the teaching and practise of Buddhism and Buddhist meditation. We take our main inspiration form the main Buddhafield community and we often take our main tent to the Buddhafield  festival as a cafe and workshop space Festival.

The concept of a “Buddhafield”, or of “Buddhafields”, originates in the Mahayana Buddhist Sutras. In these Sutras, Buddhafields are planes of perfect beauty created by the compassionate action of a Buddha. As such they are an environment in which all conditions are perfectly conducive to spiritual practice and in which to gain Enlightenment.

A typical day… meditation at 7am, and then again at 8am, there will probably be a beginners meditation / yoga / tai chi activities
Breakfast at 9am, camp meeting, camp activities, talk by an Order member, discussion groups, lunch, workshops galore, fireside stories, ritual, puja… alongwith dressing up, childrens activities, sauna, wet area, a bucket shower, fun, friendship in a field with no electricity.

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Buddhafield East has beeen going 15 Years now and has grown into a wonderful community of friends, family and people coming to our events.

We now feel it is time to move into a new era and start to look for our own land to buy where we hope one day we can host our own events and maybe even a sustainable community where we can spread the love even more.

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